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Integrated Dance Companies

Roving Classical Commedia University - Three master teachers offer an integrated Commedia program of masks, music, physical comedy, dance, acrobatics, rhythm, stage fighting, slapstick, history, juggling, lazzi, improvisation, and scenario.

Kinetic Images Dance Company - Modern dance company based in Portland, Oregon. Classical modern dance combined with video. Dancers performing outdoors in extraordinary settings are captured on digital video, and the videos are integrated with live performances.

Dancing Wheels - A professional, integrated, modern dance company comprised of dancers with (using a wheelchair for movement) and without disabilities. The company is recognized as a pioneer in the art of integrated (mixed abilities)dance. (Cleveland, OH USA)

Arts Alive - Integrated arts for all ages. Includes creative movement, drama, dance, and music for schools and birthday parties.

Gauvreau School - A registered educational institution offering a fully integrated program in the entertainment industry, and offers courses in dance, modelling, acting and vocal skills.

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