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Snap Crotch Leotards

Friends, do you wear leotards? Most all of my customers do. I've been working with performing artists like you for a long, long time and one of your biggest complaints about wearing a leotard is... you know what I'm about to say... having to go to the bathroom! You can't just pull it down halfway--you practically have to undress yourself! I have the answer. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I'm as close to an expert on leotards as you're going to find anywhere. Not only have I dressed thousands of dancers, skaters, and gymnasts around the globe, I'm a "dance mom" and both of my girls practically LIVE in leotards. So being on the receiving end of the potty break blues, my answer is this: Snap crotch. What's that? --you never heard of a snap crotch leotard? Most people haven't heard of snap crotch because it's an "option", not a product. In other words, there are lots of activewear products available that you can customize by simply choosing the option to ADD a snap crotch. Just that simple!

Give snap crotch a try and then write to Kathy wants your comments about snap crotch leotards telling your experience.  I'll post all your comments.


  Kathy is an activewear consultant for Action Dancewear and you can find more information about snap crotch dancewear by clicking HERE.  

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