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Many colors/fabrics available! Please note all of Action Dancewear's snap crotch leotards are made to order, therefore NOT RETURNABLE and do take approximately 4-5 weeks for delivery. You WON'T be sorry!
Tank Leotard with snap crotch
    Close Tank Leotard with snap crotch

    Tank Leotard with snap crotch

    Full Price: 39.90

    Price: $35.95

    Product Code: BT301sc-801sc-1316sc

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    Matte Cotton Lycra (cream not avail.) View Colors
    Shiny Nylon Lycra (aqua,Lilac and Fuschia not avail.) (Add $3) View Colors
    Liquid Lycra (Add $10) View Colors
    Supplex Lycra (burg&hunter disc.) (Add $10) View Colors
    Plush Velvet Lycra (Add $10) View Colors
    Silk Teck (Add $8) View Colors
    Polyester (m9115 only no stretch for leos) (Add $10) View Colors
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    Kids (less $5)
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    2X (add $5)
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    5X (add $20)
    6X (add $25)
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    8X (add $35)
    9X (add $40)
    10X (Adult Chart) (add $45)
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    Bra Lining (Add $3)

    Tank Leotard with snap crotch

    Our classically styled tank leotard with a scoop front and back. Adults size has a perfect mid-cut leg height - higher than a ballet-cut, but not as high as a high-leg cut. Kids size is a conservative ballet-cut, both in the scoop neck and the leg cut. Choose from various fabrics - and a rainbow of colors!!

    For Men's and Boy's Tank Leotard, see style "m380".

    This item is made to order, and therefore is NOT Returnable. Please verify your size on our "Adult" Size Chart or our �Plus Size� guideline below. Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery.

    Size Chart

    Plus Sizes are available! If your size is not listed here, please contact us with your measurements!
    ADULT Plus Sizing Guideline:
    2X: Bust 41-43 Waist 32-34 Hip 43-45 Girth 65-67
    3X: Bust 43-45 Waist 34-36 Hip 45-47 Girth 67-69
    4X: Bust 45-47 Waist 36-38 Hip 47-49 Girth 69-71
    5X: Bust 47-49 Waist 38-40 Hip 49-51 Girth 71-73
    6X: Bust 49-51 Waist 40-42 Hip 51-53 Girth 73-75
    7X: Bust 51-53 Waist 42-44 Hip 53-55 Girth 75-77
    8X: Bust 53-55 Waist 44-46 Hip 55-57 Girth 77-79
    MENS Plus Sizing Guideline:
    2X: Chest 44-46 Waist 36-38 Girth 74-78
    3X: Chest 46-48 Waist 38-40 Girth 78-82
    4X: Chest 48-50 Waist 40-42 Girth 82-86
    5X: Chest 50-52 Waist 42-46 Girth 86-90
    6X: Chest 52-54 Waist 46-50 Girth 90-94
    7X: Chest 54-56 Waist 50-54 Girth 94-98
    8X: Chest 56-58 Waist 54-58 Girth 98-103