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Summer Dance Novel
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    Summer Dance Novel

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    Summer Dance Novel

    Perfect for ages 8-13 Moonbeam Contest 2012 Silver Medal Winner! Editor's Pick!" July/August 2012 issue of Dance Spirit Magazine A lake, a cabin, a dance studio, a theater, costumes, a boys' camp across the lake. What could go wrong?: A tough Russian ballet teacher, learning modern dance, the boys across the lake, trying to win one of the three scholarships to return the next summer, and Robin... "I think you'll love this novel. Summer Dance will appeal to both non-dancers and dancers alike. In the midst of tough competition and very authentic episodes of teenage drama, the characters develop...well...character, learning and demonstrating ways to get along and even work together. The characters and the joys and obstacles they face seem timeless, which I found refreshing." Nichelle Strzepek, Dance Advantage Blog Newsletter Jan 2013 "A beautifully constructed treasure! Summer Dance is charming....a course in the study of dance with fiction as a very enthralling backdrop.... The dancers grow along with their acquired skills.... a gem not to be missed." Joan Arena, Amazon.com June 2013 “Young dancers should be easily drawn into the passions and frustrations of Sara and her friends and the nicely evoked upper Michigan setting,” says Publishers Weekly. "Summer Dance is new, timely, engrossing--refreshing!" Rita Kohn, Senior Writer, NUVO Newsweekly.